government for the people

The government works for us

Said another way, the government answers to us. (Because you’d have a hard time making the case that it works for anyone but them.) One of the foundational differences between conservatives and leftists is that conservatives believe and understand that the government answers to us. We elect them. We pay their salaries. They represent us. We tell them what we want them to do. Conversely, leftists believe government is all-knowing and all-seeing. Government has “experts,” who know better than the common folk. Government is to be trusted not only because they know best, but they specifically know what good…

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Who’s the boss?

One thing I think many Americans forget is that we’re the boss. The people in government: the President, Congress, the courts, the bureaucrats, the agencies, all of ’em… they all report to us. They all work for us. Government is accountable to the American people. Sometimes we forget that. We think we’re electing people who are going to solve all of our problems. They’re going to take care of us. They may give us some of our own earned money back. Or, maybe they’ll redistribute it to others. The people running for office want in, and they’ll say anything…

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