We don’t usually do much commenting on the news here because there are plenty of sites that do that. The only time we do is when we have a take that is different than anything we’ve seen elsewhere.

And so it is with the first presidential debate.

We had two reactions that we’ve not seen anywhere else, but are arguably more important.

First, President Trump should have opened the debate by saying the following:

“My fellow Americans. Tonight, I’m going to be saying a lot of things you’re probably going to be hearing for the first time.

You’ll be hearing them for the first time because while the things I’m going to tell you are well-proven facts, our American media refuse to cover them. They refuse to cover these things because they are aligned with the Democrat Party and will not report anything that could be interpreted as good news from my administration.

This is why I often refer to them as an “enemy of the state.” The job of the media is to keep Americans informed so we can have an informed electorate. By hiding truths from you and reporting lies, they are creating an uninformed electorate who doesn’t have all the facts necessary to make an informed voting decision.

I invite you to independently research anything I say to you tonight that may be news to you. You’ll quickly find out for yourself that the news is unreliable. So keep your ears open, and I hope to give you a good debate.”

I think that would be the most powerful opening he could give people because it would be the first thoughtful exposing of our mainstream media. Instead of just making fun of them, he’d be setting the table for more people to doubt them.

The second thing I would have liked to see is Trump handle the racism charge once and for all. As soon as Joe Biden called him a racist, I would have liked to see him say this:

“Chris, I refuse to go any further with this debate until Joe either apologizes for calling me a racist or makes a truthful case that justifies it.

Whether you like it or not, I am the President of the United States, and I deserve and demand respect. I will not be told to shut up on this debate stage, and I will not stand by and let people call me a racist anymore.

So go ahead Joe, and make your case. Are you going to use the “fine people” hoax? We can stop and watch the full video of that speech right now, in front of all America. I denounced the skinheads and racists right there in that very speech. The “fine people” comment wasn’t directed at those people.

My record on issues of race are as strong as any President in history (which may not be saying much), and I challenge you to present concerns about any of it. Would it be the lowest black unemployment numbers in history? Perhaps my support of school choice, which would improve education for many black communities. Or is your issue with my support of black colleges. Is it the opportunity zones I’ve created to get black communities back on their feet? Perhaps all of the black support I’ve received during this election cycle.

I am telling you, the rest of the Democrats, and the media, that I will no longer tolerate calling me a racist. If you’re going to call me a racist, you’d better be prepared to back it up with indisputable facts. Not lies or half truths… but facts.

So, go ahead Joe. Will it be an apology or will you try to make a real, truthful case?”

If President Trump had done those two things, he would be coasting toward a landslide victory in this election.

But, as usual, for the 30th year in a row, I’m left knowing that I would have crushed all of the contenders on stage in the debate.