We’ve got more than enough resources for people trying to learn all of the new technology tools available to us. There are more than enough podcasts, LinkedIn articles, and how-to videos to teach those with an insatiable thirst for knowledge about all the latest business tools, coding languages, and tech skills.

But what about for those who don’t care about their company?

There’s an underserved market in America. Those are the people with immense talent who’d rather put their time and energy into their personal lives and not try to spend 14 hours per day trying to be successful in business. They’re motivated and smart enough to know they have to maintain a job, but their focus and desire is pointed toward their personal lives. They just need to maintain a job.

These people need tips and instruction, as well. They need to learn how to pretend to care what’s happening in their job. They need to know how to know just enough to get the job done in the minimal amount of time so they can get home and enjoy their friends, families, and favorite hobbies.

I’m amazed at how many people I know are spending all of their time learning new coding languages, design programs, or other skills that can help them be successful in their work lives. And they all tend to assume everyone thinks the same.

The people who don’t care need their own resources. They need to be able to fit in to make enough money to support their personal lives.

I’ve always wondered why people who sell a company or suddenly make millions keep pushing on. Why wouldn’t you travel, live in many places, and create programs to help others?

We don’t need another app or another program that appears to be helping us do something faster when it really just enables us to part with more of our personal information.

What we need is some time to ourselves. Many of these people are incredibly smart with valuable skills.

Be patient, friends. That podcast is coming very soon…