There’s a driving phenomena that I’ve only noticed in Seattle, and it’s prevalent: the Seattle Blockade.

I’ve never driven anywhere where so many drivers consistently drive exactly the same speed next to each other.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the highway or on city streets. For however long the road is, it is not at all uncommon to find two, or sometimes three, drivers who drive exactly the same speed, right next to each other.

And, as you would expect, always at or under the speed limit.

As I’ve wondered before about whether or not the State of Washington teaches people to drive in the right lanes and keep the left open for passing, so, too, do I wonder if they teach the Seattle blockade.

Well, it turns out, at least one state warns against it.

The image below is from California’s state driving instruction.

I can only guess that whomever drew up the curriculum spent some time in Seattle and decided they would do everything they could to make sure driving in California did not become like Seattle.

Now if only someone in Seattle had spent time in California and decided they would do all they could to make sure Seattle never becomes like that.