Anyone who checks out their local site knows that it’s a litany of neighborhood “for sale” ads and people noticing “suspicious vehicles” creeping around their houses.

But it’s also full of people discussing how much people are speeding through their neighborhoods.

In our neighborhood, it won’t be more than a few days before someone reports that everyone is avoiding the main roads to cut through our neighborhood and everyone driving in our neighborhood is flying and driving at least 40 mph. (The speed limit in our town is 25mph on nearly all roads.)

This always makes me wonder, how do you identify the origin and destination of every car you see driving on the road? What if the route they’re taking is, in fact, the shortest and most efficient route? It’s as if the roads should only be used for people driving certain places.

Likewise, I’m curious how people determine the speed of each vehicle they’re seeing. I live and drive in the same neighborhood as those posting about the speeders, and my experience is that I’m constantly trapped behind someone driving 20 mph on a 25 mph road (most notably, Suburu drivers). The difference is that I’m tailing these people, so I know exactly how fast they’re going.

Obviously, the perceived speeders causes a great deal of wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, so I propose the local police host Speed Recognition Training (SRT).

Anyone who posts about speeders on Nextdoor will be invited to join the police on a monitored road upon which they will drive cars at different speeds and ask participants to mark down the speed of each one. At the end, the speed of each vehicle will be revealed. When participants see how far off they are, they will then do another set of runs where they tell participants how fast the vehicle will be driving. This way, participants can see what cars driving at certain speeds looks like.

Think of how much happier the neighborhood will be when all of those people angered by the amount of speeding going on can now rest at ease knowing that rarely does someone go faster than 30 mph in a 25 mph zone.