Gallup released their annual 4th of July poll with the headline “Record-low 47% Extremely Proud to be Americans.”

They’re focus for the story was that the percent of Americans who are proud to be American hit 47%, the lowest percent since they started the annual poll in 2001.

I took away something completely different:

Conservatives and Republicans (not the same thing) were consistently proud to be American, no matter what year, and no matter who was the President – Bush, Obama, or Trump. In the last five years, the percent of conservatives varied from 61% to 66%. Conservatives’ pride was not dependent on whether their guy was in the White House.

Meanwhile, in the same five year period, liberal pride varied from 51% during the middle of Obama’s run to 23% this year. It was never within more than 10% of conservative pride, but varied nearly 30 points from “their” guy to Trump.

I’m extrapolating here, but what does that say about the steadfast and reliable nature of liberal national pride? It would seem their pride is more dependent on whether or not they perceive things as going their way. Conservative pride seems to be more consistent and not subject to the personnel running our government.

I wonder how this correlates with how personalities dictate political beliefs…