Conservatives have one inherent, built in, almost insurmountable obstacle standing in between them and decisive election victories: By their very philosophy, they’re trying to make themselves obsolete.

Conservatives don’t want to run anything. They don’t want control. The very nature of conservatism is to remove the obstacles and leave people to their own creativity, imagination, intelligence, and drive and let them pursue their happiness (so long as it’s withing the law, of course).

Democrats make everything political because they want everyone angry and paying attention to politics. They want everyone helpless and pissed off so they will vote in Democrats to fix everything.

But to fix everything, the Democrats would have to take control and determine what is allowed to be said and done and who’s allowed to say and do it. They will pick the winners and losers and determine what’s right for society.

They’ll make blanket, one-size-fits-all policies and address every grievance, however small and unusual, as if it affects all of us. We’ll be bogged down with more rules and regulations.

Conservatives want the opposite. They believe in the inherent creative problem solving abilities of people to see a situation and find a way to solve or work around it.

This is why conservatives historically want to lower taxes and cut regulations. They want you to earn as much as you can from whatever job you have and be burdened by as few regulations and rules as possible to encourage you to pursue your own dreams and passions.

Inherent in this is more business owners. This is why conservatives are the party of small business… the “little guy,” and always have been. They want people who are driven to start their own thing to have the means and ability to do it.

It’s not perfect. Conservatives know that people will fail. Everybody does. But the goal is to create a system in which people who fail can fail fast, pick themselves up, and try again.

Democrats assume you will fail, so it’s best you never take the chance. This is why government jobs expand under Democrats, and it’s so much harder to advance or get fired once you have them. Nothing is more secure than a government job.

When your platform is to make yourself obsolete, it’s much harder to run for office and stay in office. This is why it’s so difficult for conservatives to make their case.

(And, of course, having the worst marketing department in the history of marketing departments doesn’t help either…)