COVID-19 may be new, but viruses and infectious diseases certainly are not.

We’re obviously going to learn more and more about coronavirus as the days and months drag on, but one thing is probably certain: we’re not going to cure it, and it’s not going to go away.

That means our immune system will be called upon, once again, to bail us out. To bail us out, our immune system needs some exposure to the menace to start building the antibodies we need to fight it.

The more this thing spreads, the more we’ll be able to build up immunity, individually, and as a community, to keep this in check and get back to normal.

So instead of cowering in fear and putting our lives on hold, let’s all go outside, meet at the town square, and give each other big hugs and kisses.

Obviously, some will get sick. I think we’re already learning that older people, or people with pre-existing conditions, are in more danger. We’ll keep them indoors.

As time goes on, we’ll also get better and better at treating symptoms and preventing death. (Nothing will prevent getting it.) And we’ll also find out just how many people who get it show no symptoms at all.

As with every other virus we’ve experienced, we’ll only get better at surviving it, and this, too, shall pass.

So… How about noon tomorrow?