Democrats don’t consider President Trump’s policies or their results. They simply do not like the man. They’ve built him up to be one of the worst people walking the earth and will everything they can to take him down.

Many conservatives don’t particularly like President Trump, but they look at his record on job creation, deregulation, standing up for “the little guy,” calling out a hyper-partisan media, and reducing the role of government, and they’ll do anything to vote for him.

For liberals, this election is about getting rid of Trump at all costs.

For conservatives, this election is about preventing radicalized Democrats from spreading socialism and remaking America into something it was never intended to be.

This is not unusual. Democrats look for presentation over substance. Look at how they obsessed about how poorly, in their opinion, President George W. Bush spoke. To Democrats, President Trump’s greatest crime is that he’s not a very articulate speaker. To Democrats, this ability to speak articulately correlates directly to intelligence.

Conservatives see it differently. There’s not much credibility given to presentation because they’ve seen enough politicians who are all talk and no delivery. Conservatives believe in observing, taking in the facts, and making practical decisions. Whether or not it’s articulated well is of little import.

It’s no surprise that the Democrat Party is so well populated with well-known public personas while Republicans go quietly and diligently on.