cult of personality

Person vs policy

Democrats don’t consider President Trump’s policies or their results. They simply do not like the man. They’ve built him up to be one of the worst people walking the earth and will everything they can to take him down. Many conservatives don’t particularly like President Trump, but they look at his record on job creation, deregulation, standing up for “the little guy,” calling out a hyper-partisan media, and reducing the role of government, and they’ll do anything to vote for him. For liberals, this election is about getting rid of Trump at all costs. For conservatives, this election is…

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One of the fundamental differences between liberals and conservatives

Yesterday, I noticed California Representative Eric Swalwell liked this tweet from Michael Skolnik: The question. The chosen image. The participation. They all illustrate one of the fundamental differences between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives understand that people are fundamentally flawed. That when we say people are capable of anything, we mean anything – good or bad. The Founding Fathers understood that people are not angels and cannot be trusted with unchecked power. That is why they structured the government with checks and balances – dividing power three ways. Liberals, however, have a very different view. They believe that some people,…

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