Why is it that every time a Democrat leader tells us we have to follow the science and data, they never tell us what the science and data are telling us?

Look at how many governors are keeping their states locked down under the guise of following the science. But they never tell us what the science is saying.

The thing about science is that it’s never settled. There are always new tests and experiments. There’s always new discoveries.

There’s no such thing as science deniers. There are only people who are continually asking questions, who are consistently skeptical, and who are always seeking the truth.

What the science on COVID tells us is that 0.006% of Americans die from it. It tells us that 99% of Americans under 70 years of age survive it, and 95% of those over 70% survive it. The science tells us that people with pre-existing conditions are the ones at risk.

The science tells us that lockdowns are creating more drug abuse, alcoholism, anxiety, suicide, drug abuse, domestic issues, diabetes, obesity, and a host of other problems.

But those who claim to be guided by science are content to ignore every negative consequence of isolation and lockdowns for a disease that kills like the flu.

Science and data are not words to hide behind. There are actually such things as science and data. One hopes our school systems have failed us to the point that no one knows the difference.