As of today, we’re two months into this experiment that is the Bubbler.

My goal was to share what I was thinking with you, and hope that instead of rejecting the ideas because of some trigger or word cue you may have seen, you would stop and consider the idea, discuss it with friends, and see if there’s anything to it.

As the website says: I don’t want to tell you what to think. I’m just asking you to think.

Thank you all for sticking with it this long. I hope you’re finding something interesting or enjoyable in it. If so, I have a favor to ask.

If you have found any particular posts of interest or that meant something to you, please share them.

All of the archived posts can be found at The Bubbler.

Link to them on your LinkedIn page. Share them in Facebook. Tweet them to your followers. Or just forward to friends and tell them to sign up.

Hopefully, we at Face House Productions have earned that.

Again, thank you for reading. I hope you have found something worth your time.


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