democrats want control

One of the great conservative conundrums

Control is at the bedrock of socialism. It’s the foundation of the Democrat Party and those who consider themselves “liberals” or “leftists.” Privacy and freedom are core elements of conservatism. The desire to be left alone to pursue happiness so long as you don’t interfere with others is what the conservative philosophy is all about. The idea that freedom comes from a higher power, and it can’t be given or taken away by government. So, by their very nature, Democrats, in their desire to control, have to prey on others. They necessarily have to get into everyone’s business to…

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The trouble with conservatism

Conservatives have one inherent, built in, almost insurmountable obstacle standing in between them and decisive election victories: By their very philosophy, they’re trying to make themselves obsolete. Conservatives don’t want to run anything. They don’t want control. The very nature of conservatism is to remove the obstacles and leave people to their own creativity, imagination, intelligence, and drive and let them pursue their happiness (so long as it’s withing the law, of course). Democrats make everything political because they want everyone angry and paying attention to politics. They want everyone helpless and pissed off so they will vote in…

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