We all agree we have a problem in this country that needs to be solved, but it’s not racism. It’s elitism.

It’s the inconsistent application of the rules. But it’s not different rules for blacks and whites. It’s different rules for those who consider themselves elite.

By elite, I’m not talking about wealthy people. I’m talking about those who are very vocal about telling us all how we should live while not applying those rules to themselves. The list is endless:

  • George Floyd and John Lewis get packed funerals with no distancing and few masks, but no one else’s departed family members are that important.
  • Dr. Fauci tells us you can get COVID by working out in a gym, going to school, eating at a restaurant, playing sports, or attending a concert, but not if you’re protesting.
  • It’s OK to inflict physical harm on an officer or another person, but you’ll get arrested for not wearing a mask.
  • You can go to jail for opening your barbershop, but violent criminals can’t be kept in jail because they may catch the disease.
  • Doctors can talk about COVID remedies if they’re discussing a vaccine, but if they’re talking about their successful use of hydroxycloroquine, they must be censored.
  • It’s OK to die of loneliness, alcoholism, suicide, heart disease, drug use, stress, or diabetes, but we all need to hide out to prevent the spread of COVID – at all costs.
  • Our governors can make us all stay home, close our businesses, stay away from businesses, and wear a mask, without any citizen or legislative input at all.
  • Our leaders can get haircuts while they lock down their cities and states to prevent others from getting one.
  • Mayors can direct their police force to stand by and watch violence and destruction, but that same police force will be all over giving me a speeding ticket.
  • Government workers continue to get paid during the lock down, but private workers are losing their businesses and jobs.

We don’t have a race problem in this country. We have an elitism problem. And the elitism knows no race. It knows no gender.

If it discriminates against anything, it’s against equality.