Before the Ukraine phone call, we had more than two years of investigation into Trump trying to affect the 2016 election by colluding with Russia. This just yielded conclusive proof that there is no proof. It didn’t happen.

With that having failed, Democrats tried to use the “perfect phone call” to the Ukraine as evidence President Trump was trying not to affect the 2016 election, but now the upcoming 2020 election.

Nevermind that there’s clearly abuse of government power, bragged about by Vice President Joe Biden, that coincidentally(?) ended up awarding an extremely high-paying job to Hunter Biden (yes, relation). President Trump is sworn, by oath, to look into and prevent those abuses.

But the real irony here is that by impeaching the President with, again, no evidence, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party are not only trying to affect the 2016 election by overturning it, but also the 2020 election by assigning to Trump the scarlet letter of having been impeached.

I guess it’s all a matter of perspective, right…?