It sure seems like we’re all taking a lot for granted these days.

There are so many people who think they’re owed so much. I wonder how much better each and every protester could make their own lives if they took the time they spent getting up, going to the protest, and doing things to disrupt the lives of others, and spent it networking on LinkedIn or applying for a job or another degree.

Perhaps if each protester started volunteering with local charities, or even starting their own, what kind of a difference they really could make.

If the purpose is to end racism, perhaps their charitable examples could both set the example for others as to how much of a difference we could each make in our communities, but also teaching people, one-on-one, about racism and the negative effects it has on each community.

It seems like the protesters would enjoy much greater success leading by example and showing how people to give to people in their community than standing on highways blocking people from where they’re trying to go.

If you want to win people over, inconveniencing them is not part of any marketing playbook I’ve ever seen.

People take so much of their lives for granted, and it’s difficult to watch for those who realize how much potential life has for doing good and enjoying happiness.

Work has been demonized by many to be something we have to do. Some NFL players actually have the gall to refer to themselves as slaves when they’re getting paid millions to play a game.

Perhaps if we didn’t look at the tough jobs of life as something we “have to do,” and started counting our blessings, we’d realize everything we do, whether we “have to” or “choose to,” is something we “get to” do.

Every day is a blessing, and it’s time we all started seeing the opportunities to build up and stopped taking the lazy route of tearing down.