Yesterday, the news said there are more than 560,000 coronavirus cases with 32,000 recoveries and 22,000 deaths. That’s since we started collecting data (roughly one-to-two months after the virus had started infecting the country). How come we never hear what’s up with the 506,000 people who’ve had the disease for the past few months?

The Swine Flu, our nation’s last pandemic, killed 12,000 US residents. 80,000 US residents died during the 2017-18 flu season. My question, where’s the line between flu and coronavirus? In other words, what’s the magic line between business as usual and shut down the entire country? Now that we’ve done it once, it’s going to be easier to do it again.

If we knew that China unleashed this virus on purpose (and I am not, for the record, suggesting they did), would our coronavirus deaths be considered casualties of war? Going further, would everyone remain in their homes, or would we take a different, more aggressive approach?

With everyone wearing masks everywhere, we’ve become a nation of bandits. It won’t be long before someone takes advantage of the anonymity to commit a crime.

Speaking of masks, I sure see a lot of people driving around, alone, with masks on. What danger to people think they’re in by driving alone, in their car?

Recently, Dr. Deborah Birx said that whether someone dies because of the coronavirus or simply with the coronavirus, we’re counting it as a coronavirus death. So, if someone is admitted with a gunshot, tests positive for coronavirus, and dies, are we considering that a coronavirus death?

How many people are dying because they’re not getting the medical care they need because doctors aren’t seeing anyone in person? Is anyone keeping track?

Why are we releasing prisoners to prevent them from getting sick in jail while sending people TO jail if they defy government lockdown orders?