Man, being a Democrat must just get harder and harder all the time.

It’s no secret the Democrat Party goal of the last four years has been to remove Donald Trump from office, no matter how great the barrier or how untoward the act necessary to get it done.

But some of the things Democrats are saying in public these days are truly amazing, if you’re paying attention.

It’s been well-covered that one of the first things President Trump did when we started to understand the coronavirus outbreak was to shut down travel from China.

When he did, Democrats objected, calling him racist and xenophobic. Because he did something.

Shortly after, Trump announced the lockdown of the country (the extent of which varied from state to state). This was during that very short moment when everyone seemed as close to united as we’ve been since September 11, 2001.

After the lockdown was put in place, the administration was all about daily briefings and helping fulfill the equipment and needs requests of governors. As he fulfilled these requests, he was complemented, often by Democrat governors, while still being told he was doing nothing, by Democrats.

As states started opening up, the story solidified that Donald Trump did nothing. That he’s been totally ineffective.

Until now.

This lockdown has now seen more than 30 million people lose their jobs. These job losses are an absolutely direct result of the lockdown, which closed thousands of small businesses across the country.

But now, Democrats are saying Trump has cost us 30 million jobs and has presided over the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Four months ago, Trump had led the nation to the greatest economy we’ve seen in decades. It was almost a foregone conclusion that he was going to win the election because of it.

Now, Democrats point to the 30 million recently unemployed and imply, as if there were no pandemic and conditions are completely normal, that it’s Trumps policies that led to these lost jobs.

So, which is it? I thought Trump did nothing. If he did nothing, how did we lose all these jobs. But he did something. He locked things down. And states followed.

Now, with all of the lost jobs that resulted, states are starting to open back up. More specifically, states led by Republican governors are opening. States led by Democrat governors are staying closed.

Yet, it’s the Democrats who are saying that Trump is doing nothing, while they keep states closed – perpetuating the lockdown that led to all of the lost jobs… that were a result of Trump policies?

Meanwhile, there’s another claim that Trump ruined the amazing economy given to him by Obama. But I remember Obama saying that the poor economy he was running was actually Bush’s, so I guess that’s consistent.

My question is, when, in an administration’s tenure, is the magic line when the economy ceases to be the previous administration’s and starts to be the current administration’s? Or won’t this be Trump’s economy until the next President is in office.

I don’t know, if this sounds confusing, that’s because it is. The logic has gotten so twisted, that even the entire Bubbler staff has been unable to untangle it.

Hopefully, you get the point. The Democrats really don’t know where to turn, what to say, or what to do next. They just know that it’s Donald Trump’s fault.