Have you ever seen a happy Democrat?

What brings a Democrat joy?

When I hear Democrats speak, I only hear about how horrible at least some of us are, how bad things are, how angry they are, how outraged we should be, and how we’re never going to stop fighting.

To be a Democrat is to be permanently aggrieved. It’s to be permanently angered.

Consider how Democrats have positioned themselves. As long as I’ve been following politics, good news like lowering unemployment, more jobs, or domestic peace have all been bad news for Democrats. Whatever seems good for the nation seems bad for Democrats.

Democrats want control. They need control to attract votes. If you don’t need the Democrats, there’s no reason to vote for them.

Conversely, conservatives are making the argument that they will leave it up to you to follow your dreams, pursue your happiness, and reach your own potential. Conservatives run on removing roadblocks, like senseless bureaucratic regulations, to give you the best chance to succeed.

While Democrats want to make all the decisions and tell us all what we can think and do, conservatives want to give you control over your own life. Conservatives want you in charge.

For each to succeed, Democrats need you failing so you have to look to them to make it right. They need you to be the victim so they can save you. But conservatives want you to succeed. If you’re happy, and you’ve done it on. your own, conservatives are happy. The system worked.

This is why Democrats are consistently angry, protesting, and fighting, while conservatives are generally happy, optimistic, and don’t try to tell you what to do.

I just don’t understand why anyone would be attracted to Democrats.