democrats are pessimists

Lead with optimism, destroy with pessimism

Today, candidate for President, Joe Biden, had this to say about women who want to work in this country: “The hard truth is women — and particularly women of color — have never had a fair shot to get ahead in this country. That’s why today, I’m releasing my plan to make sure women can fully participate in our economy and country.” As is getting entirely way too predictable, another Democrat makes a blanket statement, lumping an entire gender together, to say they’ve all been oppressed and prevented from pursuing their happiness. (Ironically, about the only group you can…

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How do Democrats attract voters?

Have you ever seen a happy Democrat? What brings a Democrat joy? When I hear Democrats speak, I only hear about how horrible at least some of us are, how bad things are, how angry they are, how outraged we should be, and how we’re never going to stop fighting. To be a Democrat is to be permanently aggrieved. It’s to be permanently angered. Consider how Democrats have positioned themselves. As long as I’ve been following politics, good news like lowering unemployment, more jobs, or domestic peace have all been bad news for Democrats. Whatever seems good for the…

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