Because we’re letting the domestic terrorists who are destroying cities like Seattle and Portland get away with their destruction with no arrests or instant bail, many people have gotten more aggressive about resisting arrest.

Resisting arrest has always been a good way to get a police beating, but now, with so many Americans turning against the police, lawbreakers are starting to feel it and resist arrest. As a result, police are more often finding themselves in a position in which they have to use deadly force to subdue the suspect and protect themselves.

Meanwhile, protesters and rioters are actively targeting officers, with a growing number dead or wounded due to Antifa terrorists.

At the same time, major cities across the country are having debates about defunding their police (either entirely, or partially, with a redirecting of those funds toward social workers).

Just 20 years ago, after 9/11, police were some of the most celebrated people in this country. Now, we have way too many people who not only disrespect them, but actively antagonize or harm them.

If you are a police officer in America today, you have to approach every day you work as a day you are dressing up and leaving the house to be killed.

Yes, police officers have always experienced an element of that feeling that they may not return home. But now, not only is there an active movement of people trying to harm them, but there are no repercussions for trying.

For those who support the police and want police protection, the movement to defund is just one of the problems. How long will it be before we don’t have anyone who wants to do the job?