A burrito is one of the most important and powerful foods available to humankind.

A good burrito should be like a billy club. When wrapped well, you should be able to strike another and knock them cold, while the burrito holds its form.

Great burrito wraps, known as mission-style burritos, can be found in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the Southwest corner of the country.

Sadly, as burritos have become more mainstream, they’ve been sanitized.

Places like Chipotle and Qdoba weakly “wrap” their burritos into soggy, limp, shapeless burrito balls, which fall apart after the first bite.

Now, thanks to Chipotle, the destruction of the burrito has taken another step forward in the form of burrito bowls. Just like how the public has become anaesthetized to lossy mp3 music and the poor quality that follows, people have sleepwalked through the burrito experience and now request burrito bowls, completely bypassing the power of a well-wrapped burrito.

It’s not too late, but someone has to open a real burrito shop in as many cities as possible. This is a cause. It’s a mission!

Freebirds is the greatest burrito chain (not the greatest burrito restaurant) in America, and it’s not too late for them to change the game. People have to invest and open as many Freebirds locations as possible.

Burritos don’t come in bowls. They come in tightly wrapped tortillas. And they don’t use white rice. Burritos use Spanish rice, and it’s time to teach the people.

Don’t give up, people. And don’t lower your standards. Demand perfect burritos, and demand them now.

Say no to Chipotle. Stand up to big burrito!