I wish I could remember where I read this, but it was two years ago and it has resonated ever since:

As long as the loser of the war wants to keep fighting, the war is not over.

This is where we are in America right now. Conservatives are the clear losers. They lost the presidency. They lost Congress. Based on the Supreme Court’s decisions to avoid taking on any of the election fraud cases, we’ve lost them, too.

However, unlike every other conservative loss I’ve ever witnessed, it appears conservatives are fired up and fighting this time around. They’re not backing down, and they’re even getting marginally aggressive.

Unfortunately, they still don’t know the first thing about marketing and are still being reactive instead of proactively on offense. But I think they’ll continue to learn. And if President Trump remains involved, they can hopefully take a few lessons from him, because whatever else you think about him, how he handles himself, and how he governed, he is a master persuader and a great marketer.

Democrats are trying to finish off conservatives and make sure they have absolutely no power at any level to rise up and challenge anything. That is what cancel culture is all about. What Gina Carano said is exactly right, they’re trying to dehumanize conservatives to the point that normal Americans find them so despicable that they want them completely gone.

Finding conservatives to be white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, and domestic terrorists is their attempt to decisively and finally win this war for good.

I’m hoping conservatives continue to learn, improve, get more aggressive, and grow more powerful than ever before. It should be an exciting year.

(Of course, none of this matters if the elections are rigged…)