Democrats from Joe Biden on down are all talking about unity. We need to unify the country. We need to come together. We need to heal after the terrible four years we experienced because they made it so unbearable with their four-year nonstop tantrum.

But didn’t these same Democrats spend the prior 25 years telling us to “celebrate diversity?” Yard signs. LinkedIn posts. Campaign slogans. Bumper stickers. Billboards. In the workplace. In public schools. Everywhere we turned, we were told to celebrate diversity.

Hell, living in Seattle, I was excited to celebrate diversity. Many of the companies here were some of the first in the country to hire “Diversity and Inclusion” positions simply to make sure they’re hiring and catering to a diverse workforce, and in Seattle, I thought that meant companies were finally going to intentionally look for people like me.

As a conservative thinker, I figured companies would fall all over themselves recruiting me so they could proudly say they have a token conservative on the payroll. Turns out, by “diversity,” they really meant skin color.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I guess people of a certain skin color all have the same life experience, perspective, background, and body of knowledge, and those things are different than anyone else’s. So it’s important to have them on staff. (At least I think I’m getting that right.)

For 25 years, we’ve been told to celebrate our diversity. Focus on our differences. Ignore what unites us. It made perfect sense (to everyone but Prince, I guess…).

Now, those same people are telling us to unify and come together.

I’m afraid I can’t keep up…