Today is the LGBTQ Day of Silence.

That means for just one day this year, the LGBTQ movement is going to shut the hell up and allow us all a day of peace where we can all go about our business without having to be angry about one group’s grievances.

We can all treat each other with the normal respect we do, without having to worry about someone being offended, misinterpreting something they hear, or enduring some perceived slight from an unknowing fellow citizen.

It’s the one day a year where nothing remotely, tangentially related to the LGBTQ movement will be politicized, turning citizens against citizens.

I wish it were the LGBTQ Year of Silence, but unfortunately, it’s only one day. Be sure to get outside and enjoy the day with your fellow Americans, for this will be the one day when we’re defined by our kindness and generosity, without being told how horrible, bigoted, and insensitive we all are.

Enjoy the day.