Being a criminal is a tough gig.

When criminals leave the house in the morning, they kiss their families good bye and pray that they will make it home safe that night.

Being a criminal is a choice only the few… the brave… make in our society. It’s not everyone who can waive their God-given rights and put themselves out there to face whatever consequences may result from their actions.

Criminals have no guarantee that when they’re called to duty that they’re going to make it out unharmed or alive. The day is full of unexpected situations, and they never know who they’re going to run up against. They don’t know if that next interaction is going to be the one where some police officer might pull a gun on them and end it right there.

The policing element is a cold and unrelenting force hellbent on putting an end to crime and those who perpetrate it. Criminals realize that they’re the only ones who can defy policing. Society lives in fear of the police, thankful for the criminals who courageously throw themselves in harm’s way.

It’s up to the criminals to lure the worst of the police out of hiding and into the light so everyone can see how evil the police force is. They aggressively put themselves at risk by defying police orders and aggressively fight with them so that we may identify their worst.

Yet, there are people who think All Criminals Are Bastards. These criminals risk their lives every damn day, and some people have the nerve to think we’d be better off without them. They actually want to defund the criminals by making it harder for them to break the law.

The fact is, we’ve created an environment in which it is unsafe to be a criminal. Criminals are dying simply because they follow their criminal code and resist arrest. They’re getting beat up, ambushed, and attacked. Citizens are feeling emboldened to walk away from a criminal trying to rob them for even attack them in broad daylight. Just for being criminals.

Being a criminal has never been more dangerous, and it has to stop. It’s time to turn off the TV, head out into your community, and support your local criminals.

When criminals head out into the world every day to do their business, they should have piece of mind that they’re most likely going to return home to their loved ones in peace. They should know the community supports them and that they’ll be welcome wherever they turn up.

Next time you get a chance, please let our criminals know you support them.