In response to observations or complaints about the amount of critical race theory, transgenderism, and sex education being taught in our public schools, many conservatives will say: “Take them out of public schools and homeschool them.”

Easier said than done. Especially if your child is hip deep in extracurricular activities with good friends.

Even those who start off homeschooling, they still have to find outlets for sports, music instruction, clubs, and other activities that provide their child an opportunity to meet, work, and play with other children.

But even if you did take your child out of public schools, it’s still not that simple. They’ll still be surrounded by other children who attend those public schools. They’re still going to be meeting, talking, and hanging out with other kids who are exposed to the same ideas you think you’re avoiding by keeping your child out.

Your child will still access popular culture, music, and sports. You may think you’re blocking those things, but the second your child is out and about, they’ll find it. And if you forbid it. They’ll seek it.

While I’m all for getting out of public schools, a better strategy may just be to raise your child right so they’re equipped to deal with the inundation of those ideas and philosophies. The more you expose your child to with your filter available to them, the more they’ll go in skeptical and not be as susceptible to some of the garbage our current crop of public school teachers are teaching.

Better to develop a relationship with your children in which they feel comfortable talking to you about the experiences they’re having and the ideas they’re exploring. And if you can be the first to share those ideas with them, the more you can give them the tools necessary to avoid indoctrination.

You may be homeschooling your child, or sending them to a private school, but don’t fool yourself into thinking they’re not being exposed to some of the socialist ideas making their way through society. They are.

Better to equip them with the tools necessary to understand what’s happening and ignore it.