Given the historical nature of the subzero cold we’ve experienced across the United States over the past few weeks, one has to wonder:

Have we over-corrected?

A few decades ago, when it was still called “global warming,” we were convinced we only had 5, 10, 12, 18, 25, or 32 years (depending on who was doing the predicting) to get it corrected before the ice caps melted and the world was flooded.

The path to solving this problem was to stop using hairspray, stop driving Hummers, start driving a Prius, stop using freon, eat organic foods, install solar panels and wind farms, shut down coal and oil production, feed cows Beeno, and use one square of toilet paper at every pit stop (unless you were Al Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio… then you were expected to use as much electricity and power as possible).

We did all this to correct global warming. But what if we went too far? What if we made it too cold. Now what do we do?

Is it time to start dusting off those old gas guzzling cars from the 70s? (You know the sturdy metal ones with higher safety ratings.) Should we all be using hairspray like we’re going out trick-or-treating for Halloween? Is it time to feed all of our cows garlic? Time to drill for oil in Alaska?

I mean, if we can correct ourselves to make it cooler, isn’t it then possible to over-correct and make it too cold? That appears to be what we’ve done. I’m going out right now to buy the Hummer with the lowest gas mileage possible.

I only pray it’s not too late to change it.