Conservatives are the worst marketers on the planet. I don’t think anyone would debate that. Thus, they’ve got a lot of messaging and marketing challenges ahead of them if they’re going to save this Republic.

Among the challenges is:

  • Convincing the public they’re not racist, homophobic, sexist, bigots
  • Convincing Trump supporters that conservatism and MAGA are one-in-the-same
  • Convincing conservatives that this time, they can really take over the GOP
  • Articulating what they really stand for, aggressively and credibly, to the public
  • Defining Democrats to the general public so people can see them for the socialist fascists they really are (applying the real definition of “fascism” here)

There are more, to be sure, but few more pressing than those. Except, perhaps, one:

Getting the average American citizen who may not follow politics that closely to believe that an entire political party, the Democrats, could actually want to do what they’re doing.

People see things through the lens of their personal experiences, perspectives, and moral compass. Whether overtly or subconsciously, people assume most people are like them when making judgements. They assume other people would do what they would do. They assume others would behave as they do.

People who cheat often assume that everyone else is doing it, so they need to in order to keep up or be competitive. Conversely, those who play by the rules assume everyone else is, too, so they’re always surprised when they find out about people breaking the rules.

Most people in America are good people who grew up with a shared set of cultural values and mores. (Though that’s certainly been waning…) They assume that we all want to be successful. That we all are trying to make the best life possible for our kids, our families, our friends, and our communities. En masse, they assume we all want our country to be great.

Those very same people have a very hard time believing it when conservatives tell them what the Democrat agenda really is. Racism. Censorship. Cancel Culture. Blacklisting. Re-education camps. Jail. Media bias. Banning. Boycotts. All just because of someone’s politics. They just don’t believe it could happen here. They don’t believe George Orwell’s vision in 1984 could possibly happen.

To those who’ve been paying close attention and looking past our corporate/foreign-owned media, they’ve seen just how dangerous and serious the Democrats are. This is it. They’re playing for keeps. One shouldn’t assume the 2022 election is going to be fair or like any other, and there’s no reason to assume it’ll all just swing back the way it always has.

Saying these things makes one sound like a fear-mongering alarmist who’s crying wolf. That’s the worst position to be in. But because of the lack of effective marketing up to this point, this is where conservatives find themselves.

They better hire a qualified marketing team who is unafraid, ready to be aggressive, and effective.

I am available.