It’s not secret the Democrat Party would us all to be dependent on the government. That may seem like hyperbole, but isn’t that what universal income is all about?

Isn’t that why they insist on expanding the government at the expense of private sector business?

Isn’t that why they work to remove God from society?

Isn’t that why they expand welfare?

Isn’t that why they seek to cause all the problems they do?

COVID was a blessing for the Democrats because it fast-forwarded most of their efforts toward building a dependent citizenry who could only continue to vote for their captors, lest those evil Republicans take away the money and programs upon which they have become dependent.

To a few, it was obvious what the real intent of the lockdowns was. More and more have awakened to it as the Democrat’s actions have unfolded. The steps were simple:

  • Lockdown small businesses and churches
  • Make it impossible for those people to work
  • Make all of their employees and owners dependent on their own money, otherwise known as “stimulus” money
  • Keep their businesses locked down
  • Leave it up to Congress to determine who, if anyone, gets assistance, and how much
  • Repeat this until that “stimulus” money become universal basic income

Now you have a dependent class of people. Again, it’s no secret Democrats have been making their case for universal basic income for some time. This just created the opportunity and accelerated the path.