Over the weekend, I looked at the news and saw this:

My first reaction wasn’t to automatically assume President Trump let fire a racist tweet. My first reaction was what everyone’s should be: to read the tweets and see what they really said.

So I looked and found this:

He didn’t mention race. But every news outlet did.

Every single news site I saw, CNN, Salon, Vox, New York Magazine, MSNBC, etc. referred either to a “racist tweet,” or Elijah Cummings as a “black Congressman.” But why stop at “black Congressman.” Why not add “tall,” or “bald,” or “68-year-old?”

How did most of the media decide to include “black” in the reporting?

It used to be racist to criticize, or even disagree with, President Obama. Doesn’t this make Representative Cummings a racists for criticizing President Trump?

The irony is that the real racism is noticing Representative Cummings race and pointing it out. Before the media did that, this was just one person commenting on another.

Only a racist sees color. And only a racist believes that someone’s skin color is going to prevent them from achieving whatever happiness they pursue.

If the media were consistent, they would refer to Joe Biden as “former white Vice President,” or Hillary Clinton as “white female presidential candidate.” But they only see skin color when it’s a minority.

Generally speaking, conservatives don’t see skin color, or gender, or sexual orientation. It’s why conservatives never speak in terms of groups. It’s why conservatives don’t dwell in identity politics.

Quite frankly, it’s why conservatives are sick of hearing the word “racism.”

Racism will only go away when we stop talking about people in terms of their skin color. No two people are the same, and if you really want to use a good descriptor, talk about people by their name and what they think.

It’s time to call a spade a spade (so to speak…). The real racists are those who continually see race in everything that people do or say. In general, this just happens to be leftists, who unfortunately, can’t just see people.