We’re told that we need Socialism to solve climate change. The temperature is heating up, and our resource-abusing capitalist society is to blame.

We need to give power to the government so we can manage our productivity. And we’ll all need to make sacrifices. No Hummers. Fewer squares of toilet paper. No hairspray. Electric cars. Etc.

But what happens if we over-correct? I mean, we’re going to do all of those things because we know it’ll work. So there’s a fair chance we’ll over-correct and go too far.

What if we make it too cold?

It seems to me, if socialism is required to bring the global temperature down, then, if we go too far, won’t we need capitalism to bring us back up again?

I mean, it was capitalism that gave us global warming, so if we eventually make it too cool with socialism, we’ll just reinstitute capitalism right?