One theme that should be coming through loud and clear is the idea that you should do what you can to get out of everyone’s way.

Whether I’m driving, walking, or just standing and having a conversation, I always try and be conscious of the people around me and make sure I’m not in their way.

And so it is in the grocery line.

It’s all too common to be stuck in the cashier line at the grocery store behind someone just standing there with their hands in their pockets watching the cashier check the groceries and then have to bag them all.

As the line grows and grows behind them, they stand totally unaware of the effect they’re having on the line. They’re totally oblivious to how much they’re making everyone wait, and completely unaware that they could pick up a bag and be bagging their own groceries while the cashier rings them out.

Don’t be that person.

Don’t just stand there unaware while the cashier does all of the work. Step in and help.

I always bag my own groceries, and I can’t believe how often the cashier thanks me like it’s a big deal.

It should be normal.

If we were all more aware of the effect we have on those around us, we’d do our best to speed it up and get as many people through the line as quickly as possible.