Over the weekend, I saw plenty of stories referencing all of the cities and urban areas across the country that are boarding up their shop windows in anticipation of unrest over this Tuesday’s election results.

Can’t people see what’s really going on?

Big Plywood is playing us all. Ask yourself, who stands to gain from all of this business boarding up that’s going on? Of course! Big Plywood.

I think it’s time we got to the bottom of the rioting and looting. Many think it’s Antifa or Biden supporters. Nah. I think it’s more sinister than that.

I think Big Plywood is out there covertly paying people to go downtown and smash the windows of every store they can each time a black man wielding a gun or knife is shot by a police officer.

You can tell it’s Big Plywood because the riots are so disingenuous these days. It’s no longer about whether or not an office shoots someone who’s not armed. Now, even if a black suspect is firing right at the officer, it’s racist to shoot back.

It’s a stretch even for the most woke among us. That’s why I think Big Plywood finally slipped up. They’ve been funding studies supporting window boarding for years, always pushing to get the downtown areas to board up.

Sure, they virtually owned Democrat-run cities like Detroit and Baltimore. But no, that wasn’t enough for their insatiable greed. They finally sunk to a new low.

They need to be stopped. Joe Biden supports Big Plywood. They’re one of his biggest donors. If he wins, they’ll sign huge mega-contracts with the government to board up every city in this country.

Stop Big Plywood today. Vote for Donald Trump.

Let’s keep the plywood out of politics.