It’s not hard to find stories in conservative media about news or media bias. Since it happens by the minute across United States mainstream media, you could chronicle the abuses all day and have job security forever.

Our unified propaganda media is arguably the largest and most important problem facing this country. Without a news media interested in keeping citizens properly informed, motivated government officials can pretty much get away with or do whatever they want with the media blocking for them.

My question: why isn’t anyone trying to solve it?

It’s one thing to point out media bias, and nearly everyone effectively does. But so what? Identifying the problem is only the first step. The heavy lifting comes when you try and solve it. And so far, I’ve seen absolutely zero attempt at coming up with actionable solutions.

Except for here, of course.

The Bubbler has a plan. It’s already been detailed, but in short, it involves, quite counterintuitively I admit, the government owning the 5-6pm local time slots on all major networks and giving 30 minutes, on a random and rotating business, to each party for them to report the news.

Conservatives will quickly object to this simply because it involves the government owning the time. But the reason I think this has to be is because the people most negatively affected by news media bias are those who don’t follow politics or issues closely and don’t understand the bias in the news they see.

People who tune in only to the morning or evening network news are only getting small fragments of much more dynamic and larger stories that may impact the course or direction of society. And not everyone cares about or follows news or politics.

Solving the media problem isn’t about market forces or competing media – especially not for those who already make an effort to read or follow many sources. It’s an issue for casual observers. (Sure, it would be great to turn the casual observers into informed followers, but that’s not going to happen.)

Across our culture, whether through mainstream news outlets, professional sports, professional musicians, television and movie entertainment, and even our public schools, people only get a dose of what leftists want you to hear. There is no source for people who get a steady dose of information only in these venues.

Our only chance at a somewhat immediate fix is this model. Sure, conservatives can try to “take back the culture,” and they may succeed in a generation or two. But this problem requires an immediate solution.

They may think it’s another network, like NewsMax or One America, but those don’t address the problem. For people to hear those newscasts, they have to make an effort to find them. Network news just happens. It’s on in homes, often in the background, across the country. The solution has to take place within the confines of stations people already take for granted.

Another aspect of this is by giving the news to the parties, we’re acknowledging this has already been done, but just with one party. This gives it to both, equally. This will also cut off the Democrat Party and New York Times as a primary source for what people see on the networks.

This is my attempt at solving it. My guess is there’s a better idea. But conservatives better start thinking about it.