solving media bias

News consumption tips

While this post doesn’t serve as my official 2020 wrap up (because I’m not going to write one), it does include my greatest takeaway from the year. Of all the strange, unusual, and important events and learnings of 2020, I think one stands above all else for sheer importance: If we don’t, as a country, vastly improve our news consumption habits, the United States is doomed. It’s not at all difficult to make a definitive case that our corporate media is, essentially, state run media, no better than Soviet or Chinese propaganda media. One of the biggest giveaways is…

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Anyone want to solve the news media problem?

It’s not hard to find stories in conservative media about news or media bias. Since it happens by the minute across United States mainstream media, you could chronicle the abuses all day and have job security forever. Our unified propaganda media is arguably the largest and most important problem facing this country. Without a news media interested in keeping citizens properly informed, motivated government officials can pretty much get away with or do whatever they want with the media blocking for them. My question: why isn’t anyone trying to solve it? It’s one thing to point out media bias,…

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Solving our media crisis

Make no mistake, no matter where your political loyalties lie, our media has become a Soviet-style, propaganda organization that no longer serves the public by sharing information so the people can decide. People who are looking at President Trump, Joe Biden, the two-party system, or political disagreement, in general, as the main problems causing our divided nation are wrong. We are a divided nation because we’re not all getting complete information, and we’re not all getting the same information. Our media has one purpose, to seek and provide the important information necessary to maintain an informed public, and they’re…

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