While this post doesn’t serve as my official 2020 wrap up (because I’m not going to write one), it does include my greatest takeaway from the year.

Of all the strange, unusual, and important events and learnings of 2020, I think one stands above all else for sheer importance:

If we don’t, as a country, vastly improve our news consumption habits, the United States is doomed.

It’s not at all difficult to make a definitive case that our corporate media is, essentially, state run media, no better than Soviet or Chinese propaganda media. One of the biggest giveaways is that they all use the same language, run the same stories, and echo the same points of view. CNN, NYT, CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC… you name it. The mainstream, corporate media outlets are unified and focused on one narrative.

You can’t overstate how critical reliable media is to a functioning republic. It is the most crucial element. If we don’t have informed citizens and transparency into what our government is doing, we can no longer have a country.

There’s only one solution: everyone must make an effort to find and follow conservative media. I know, on its face, this sounds very self-serving and like I’m advocating for exactly what I’m denouncing. So why conservative media?

Conservative media works differently than leftist media. Leftist propaganda media gives you one master narrative and never strays from it. They don’t share news that conflicts with their agenda. Their bias comes from omission.

However, conservative media gives you both leftist and conservative viewpoints. If you start taking a look at conservative media, you’ll quickly note a pattern. First, they’ll show you how networks like CNN or MSNBC, or websites like the New York Times or Washington Post, are covering stories. They’ll replay the broadcasts or quote the articles.

Then they’ll share the conservative perspective and the critical parts of the story left out of the mainstream coverage.

Leftist media is everywhere, so if you live in the United States, you probably have at least some idea of what the narrative is. Conservatives understand this, which is why they approach news presentation this way: 1) this is what you’re hearing everywhere, 2) this is what you’re not hearing, and 3) this is why it’s important.

Make one of your resolutions for 2021 to give this a try. Let conservatives make their case. If it doesn’t hold up to your scrutiny, reject it and do your own research.

And that’s really the most important part of the exercise. Do your own research. Be skeptical about what you hear. Wonder what the motives are for the source and why you’d be hearing the information your hearing with the tone they’re taking? It doesn’t mean they’re lying or wrong, but it’s good to understand the perspectives and motivations.

A lot of conservatives spend a lot of time complaining about the media’s bias, but I’ve not seen one present a solution. Here’s The Bubbler’s recommendation.

Having a thoughtful and multi-sided media is critical to the survival of the United States. Some think we may be too far gone, but I have faith we can bring it back.