Happy new year, everyone. As always, I’m very grateful for all of you who’ve taken time to dive in and read some of our now-more-than-600 posts.

Unlike many, I’m a little sad to see 2020 go. While it was certainly a hell of an action-packed year with a lot of negative events, I found it a great time to take stock, reassess, and prepare myself for the future.

I also think historians are going to look back at this decade and conclude 2021 was more significant for the changes that will come than 2020. 2020 will be looked at as the prologue for 2021, and possibly beyond.

Last year, I made some big commitments, and achieved some. Unfortunately, not all. I was able to post every day, which was more time-consuming, but thought-provoking, than I thought. However, I didn’t get to the podcast, and I didn’t get the book published.

Honestly, I’m afraid I found that last four months of the year so intriguing, that I just didn’t coordinate my time in a way that would allow for it. That said, I did acquire all of the necessary podcast equipment and software, and am well-versed enough to do it myself. So that will be coming.

Also, I now have enough material for three or four books, so I look to publish at least two this year.

While 2020 was negative for many, I gave me a chance to be introspective about what’s important to me, and what I want to prioritize and do with my time.

This year will see at least two books and a podcast. But even more importantly, I hope the conservative movement will finally accept my marketing help. God knows they definitely need it.

Happy new year, everyone. I hope you have an exciting year.