I’m starting to get the sense that it hasn’t occurred to everyone sharing their relief that 2020 is behind us that 2021 could be much, much worse.

In fact, in a few short weeks, I suspect that all hell is going to break loose, and it won’t stop any time soon.

On January 20th, either Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be inaugurated. (I write this allowing for the possibility that neither may be inaugurated…)

If Biden is inaugurated, we’re going to find out if Trump supporters have finally been pushed to the limit. They’ve taken great pride in how peaceful their rallies, demonstrations, and protests have been. As conservatives do, they have worked hard to hold the moral high ground, and so far haven’t let up.

But if Biden is inaugurated, and Trump supporters refuse to stand for a stolen election, the “peaceful” part of their protests may disappear. If this election truly was stolen, it marks the end of America, as we know it.

Elections simply won’t matter anymore. No one will trust them, and communism won’t be just knocking at the door, but coming on in and making itself comfortable in America’s living room.

In a representative republic, faith in elections is absolutely, fundamentally critical. If half, or even a third of the country doesn’t trust the election process, the feeling of helplessness… the feeling that they are watching their freedom die, will put their backs against the corner. My suspicion is one truly won’t be able to predict where it goes from there.

Likewise, if Trump somehow proves the election was stolen and ends up inaugurated for his second term, Antifa, BLM, and Biden supporters will almost assuredly start tearing things ups. There’s already six months of evidence that they’re happy to oblige and will start destroying cities, and working their way into suburbs if they can sustain the momentum.

Some would predict that this time, Trump would intervene and put them down. But history says, while he’ll talk about doing that, he won’t actually pull the proverbial trigger and come to the defense of those cities.

Either way, there’s a flashpoint coming, and it’ll be here within three weeks, if not sooner. The chances are, it’s going to result in all hell breaking loose and 2021 being one of the more memorable years in American history.

That is, if the country’s up to it. Personally, I’m hoping for the uprising. Things have gotten way out of hand, and I’m afraid it may be the only option left to save freedom, liberty, and a capitalist America.