I think the bigger question that no one is asking is: Why did Starbucks hire 175,000 racists in the first place?

(Well, they’re not racists anymore… now that they’ve all been trained not to be.)

Perhaps Starbucks was providing a community service. Perhaps they figured if they would hire as many racists as they could and then rehabilitate them in one half day session. We’ll know soon, because if they did, they’ll lay off the newly reformed racists and hire a new batch of 175,000 racists. With this plan, it won’t be long before Starbucks has solved the entire problem.

Has the word “racist” been used to the point that no one even notices anymore? Where was the outrage? Not the outrage at the original incident in Philadelphia. I mean the outrage among the 175,000 Starbucks employees. Not one of them found it insulting that they were being told they needed this training? Did they all just take it for granted that they must need this? Or was it the collective shrug of an uninspired employee base.

Too bad, because if there was a need for a backlash in this whole thing, this was more worthy than the original incident. Starbucks’ answer to one poor decision by one of their employees, which was essentially making assumptions about two people because of their skin color, is to do the same thing to their entire employee base – make an assumption that they all need diversity training without any evidence that they do.