holly hylton

The root of the Starbucks problem

I think the bigger question that no one is asking is: Why did Starbucks hire 175,000 racists in the first place? (Well, they’re not racists anymore… now that they’ve all been trained not to be.) Perhaps Starbucks was providing a community service. Perhaps they figured if they would hire as many racists as they could and then rehabilitate them in one half day session. We’ll know soon, because if they did, they’ll lay off the newly reformed racists and hire a new batch of 175,000 racists. With this plan, it won’t be long before Starbucks has solved the entire…

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Starbucks’ national overreaction day

By now, most everyone is aware of the two black men who were handcuffed and escorted out of a Philadelphia Starbucks because the white manager called the police after they wanted to stay, and use the restroom, without making a purchase. Naturally, this was blamed on racism. And so, today is Starbucks’ National Overreaction Day, where they shut down all the stores and make all of their employees pay for one manager’s mistake. I’ve read two management books in my life. One of them was The Dilbert Principle, by Scott Adams. One of the lessons I learned from the…

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