Most people would argue that the First Amendment is the most important element of a truly free society. If you’re not free to say what you want, without fear of penalty, you are living in a mental prison, if not ultimately a physical one.

Without the freedom to share information, exchange ideas, and debate the issues of the day, we’re already finished as a free society.

But looking down the barrel of 2021, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the Second Amendment is far behind.

Many conservatives are fearful of a Biden presidency. Not because of Joe Biden, per se, but because of the powers behind him and the inevitable ascendancy of Kamala Harris. They believe this will usher in the finality of communism and America’s promise of liberty and freedom will be lost.

One can argue whether that’s an exaggeration or unfounded fear, and we’ll find out soon enough, but if this is all truly a plot to usher in communism, and if it’s as bad as some believe, and the Chinese takeover is inevitable, then we’re quickly going to find out that the Second Amendment is the most powerful of them all.

The difference between the United States and every other country that has submitted to the transition to a communist regime is that we have guns. When a communist regime takes hold, those who resist, question, or speak out about it end up in prison or simply disappearing. Many think this is hyperbole, but history shows us it is true.

Communism or socialism have been tried throughout history, all over the world, and it always ends the same way: with countless loss of life, a failed economy, and poverty. But those countries never had the option to rise up.

There’s a reason gun ownership has gone through the roof in recent years. People are anticipating and they’re getting ready.

Ironically, it’s those people who buy guns who are most responsible and reluctant to use them. So it remains to be seen if they’ll have the guts to use them when the time comes. But they have them, and they know how to use them. So we shall see.