Meanwhile, while our government was debating how much of the money they took from us they should give back, a better idea went ignored the self-professed elite among us:

Open the entire economy today.

Instead of our masters determining how much of our money they’ll let us have, why not open the economy and allow us to make our own money. In fact, we can do both.

With freedom as our guide, those who want to open their shops and restaurants and businesses will be welcomed and encouraged to do so. But if they don’t, they can get a barely livable pittance from their government allowance. This would be specific to business owners.

For those who work for others, they, too, would be able to get back to work and make however much money they can from whatever job they can find (be it their old one, or a new one). And if they don’t feel safe going back to work, they don’t have to. But there will be incentives.

One thing we learned from this past Summer is that if you give people more money than they’re making from their jobs, they’ll take the unemployment. (We didn’t really learn that this past Summer. Perhaps some did. But that was obvious way before this past Summer…)

While our government has been debating the merits of $600 per person versus $2000 per person, while giving millions to other countries for projects they can’t pursue because of COVID lockdowns, they could be looking South to Florida.

So long as Florida is out there, open and serving as an example of how little difference it makes whether or not you open your state, the answer is there staring us all right in the face.

Open the damn economy right now and get people back to work. At least give them the option. Locking people in their homes is not freedom of choice. Allowing people the option to go out, live, and work, while giving others the option to stay at home, or just away from the others, is freedom in action, and it’ll work better than anything else anyone else has tried.

And again, we’re left to wonder… is our government sinister or stupid?