As I consider President Trump’s past four years and where we are in this election process, I can’t help but think about Sarah Palin and Joe McCarthy.

In four years, Donald Trump has exposed everything the left is all about: the corruption, arrogance, deceit, lust for power, desire for control, move toward socialism, contempt for average Americans, disgust for liberty, lack of morality, and desire to destroy the meaningful institutions that define America.

The left has been been referring to it as “divisive,” but what Trump’s rhetoric and actions have really been is “defining.” He has more clearly defined the differences between American principles and the left than anyone in the Republican Party or conservative movement (with the possible exception of Rush Limbaugh).

Trump has angered members of the left so intensely that they very wrongly deduced that everyone in America must hate him as much as they do. In so doing, they’ve finally come out of hiding and have been more forthcoming and truthful about who they are than any other time in history. (Traditionally, they’ve always used right-leaning language to describe their goals.)

While all of this has been enlightening, what’s even more eye-opening is that President Trump has also exposed the Republican Party. Conservatives have always wondered why, or lamented that, the GOP is so spineless and ineffective. Even in The Bubbler, we’ve talked often about how the Republican Marketing Department is the worst marketing department in the history of marketing departments.

But Trump exposed what Sarah Palin had been trying to tell us throughout, and since, the 2008 Presidential campaign: Politicians, whether Republican or Democrat, and the media are beholden to corporations and foreign governments and do not serve America.

It’s unfortunate that citizen Democrats couldn’t see past the Palin media coverage to listen to her message. She had fought and exposed the corruption of both parties in Alaska and was threatening to do that for the entire country. It is not surprise even many Republicans didn’t support her while middle America welcomed her.

Conservatives have always had an inkling that the Republican Party may be for sale, but I think this year has been confirming it. This is the difference between the supporters of the two parties right now. Conservatives are rightly suspicious of all politicians and parties, while Democrat supporters appear to be marching in lock step with the party leadership.

And who’s the Democrat Party leadership? I think it’s fairly clear they are firmly socialist, if not communist. The only question remaining is to what degree they’re beholden to China and other international parties.

In other words, as a country, we’ve finally accepted the reality that Joe McCarthy was warning of 70 years ago. Communists had infiltrated the United States and were working tirelessly to destroy it from within.

One look across the institutions of America illustrates just how complete and thorough they were. Cultural institutions like Hollywood, pop music, professional sports, television, social media, mainstream media, big tech companies, public education, universities, and local, state, and national government institutions, bureaucrats, and politicians are all supportive of various tenets of communism.

Look no further than the support of Black Lives Matter (the organization, not the idea). That organization has received billions of dollars in donations from corporations, politicians, and citizens, not to mention the millions of dollars of free promotion across our most popular cultural communication tools. All to pursue their openly communist agenda. (It was right on their website.)

Joe McCarthy was written off as paranoid, and maybe some of his allegations were far-fetched, at the time. But if you consider what his high-level message was, it was that communists are working to destroy this country from within.

McCarthy was dismissed as paranoid, Palin was ridiculed out of the spotlight, and it appears Trump was defeated by a coordinated steal of the election.

Meanwhile, the “deep state,” as it’s come to be known, is poised to march merrily on.

My only hope is that it’s not too late to start taking the threat of communism, and now China, specifically, seriously enough to act.