sarah palin

Trump, Palin, and Joe McCarthy

As I consider President Trump’s past four years and where we are in this election process, I can’t help but think about Sarah Palin and Joe McCarthy. In four years, Donald Trump has exposed everything the left is all about: the corruption, arrogance, deceit, lust for power, desire for control, move toward socialism, contempt for average Americans, disgust for liberty, lack of morality, and desire to destroy the meaningful institutions that define America. The left has been been referring to it as “divisive,” but what Trump’s rhetoric and actions have really been is “defining.” He has more clearly defined…

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Remember Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin has pretty much disappeared from the national scene, but her name came up in a conversation recently, and I was thinking of her importance to politics and my amazement at the missed opportunity. What always struck me about Sarah Palin is that the Democrat Party was so intent on destroying her reputation and credibility that in America’s rush to make a joke of her, they forgot to actually listen to what she was saying. In fact, she was one of the first politicians to warn against the ruling class of entrenched Democrats AND Republicans. Anyone who’s followed…

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