Sarah Palin has pretty much disappeared from the national scene, but her name came up in a conversation recently, and I was thinking of her importance to politics and my amazement at the missed opportunity.

What always struck me about Sarah Palin is that the Democrat Party was so intent on destroying her reputation and credibility that in America’s rush to make a joke of her, they forgot to actually listen to what she was saying.

In fact, she was one of the first politicians to warn against the ruling class of entrenched Democrats AND Republicans.

Anyone who’s followed her career knows that she removed nearly as many corrupt Republicans from office in Alaska as she did Democrats. She’s definitely not someone who’s loyal to a political party. She follows her principles all the way (regardless of what you or I think of them).

If you believed what she was warning about the desire of the ruling class politicians to maintain their power at all costs, then it should come as no surprise when you see the Republican Party elite pointing their guns toward Donald Trump and other more conservative candidates.

She’s a polarizing figure, to be sure, partly because of her sometimes cringe-inducing voice and delivery, but she warned of the career, political elite and how far they’ll go to keep their power.

Count this as yet another example of where the desire to believe a meme is, unfortunately, more powerful than the evidence before us.