Remember when people used to come to work with a cold or flu, and we’d all get annoyed and tell them to go home. Then they wouldn’t, and we’d move on. Then we’d get sick and do the same thing. I wonder how that’s going to go, when we all get back to work.

If this is a war, haven’t we already surrendered? Isn’t that what cowering in our homes represents?

Why do we allow smoking, drinking, marijuana, driving, and ice cream? They all kill us, don’t they? It may not be as quickly as coronavirus, but…

How come those who dismiss religion in favor of evolution aren’t prescribing survival of the fittest right now? It seems that would be natural order of things.

The plus side of this lockdown is that I’m far less likely to get into a street brawl when I’m out and about.

By keeping everyone home and fattening them up, aren’t we just preparing sheep for the slaughter when we inevitably come out of our homes and the virus attacks the obese and diabetes-prone, first?

OK, there is one thing about capitalism that annoys me: They always disingenuously hop on the bandwagon of every unproven, media-hyped liberal cause because they think people will flock to their business. How many companies that “went green” actually cared about the environment? I’m already done hearing businesses tell us to listen to government orders and stay safe in our houses.