People give Donald Trump hell for the way he speaks. He exaggerates. Oversimplifies. Repeats things. He’s not always the most eloquent. Because he doesn’t speak like an ivy league learned individual, that means he is stupid and unqualified to be President.

In contrast, one of the most frequent reasons I would hear to support Barrack Obama was that it was great to have an intelligent and articulate President. After all, Obama graduated from Harvard Law School, so he must be smart.

Yet, as “stupid” as Bush is, he doesn’t need a teleprompter to answer questions at a press conference. His speaking style is the same whether delivering prepared remarks or impromptu. (In fact, I think he’s more articulate when speaking off the top of his head.)

Whether or not you agree with what Trump stands for, at least you know what that is and that he isn’t going to shift a whole lot.

Many say Trump is small-minded and stupid (as, they say, are his supporters). But when I hear Trump speak, I know what his gut tells him. I know what his principles are, and I know he’ll be true to them. He rarely articulates them the way I would, but at least I know what they are.

Obama ran as a conservative – unless he was talking to a smaller group of liberals. Obama ran as whoever you wanted him to be. And many Americans had buyer’s remorse. They were surprised at how he governed.

Is it more important that our President is articulate, or that he is guided by a core, understood, and unshakable set of principles that doesn’t require a teleprompter to explain.

Donald Trump doesn’t always say things the way I’d like them said, but I know what he says and what he does. At least there’s consistency between the two.