It sounds so simple. If you want something, ask for it. But so often, it never occurs to people. Or they’re afraid to ask.

I learned this lesson just out of college. I was working at a company with an amazing manager.

One day, I arrived at work telling her about a movie poster I saw at a bus stop on the way in to work that I really wanted. Her response? “Well, call and ask for a copy.”

“Call who?”

“The movie studio. Who’s the studio?”

“Disney. I can’t call Disney. Who would I even talk to? They’d never give me one.”

So, we figured out the phone number for Disney, and I called. Naturally, I got an operator and told her what I was trying to accomplish. After being on hold a bit, I was transferred to a person who listened to my request and was all too happy to help.

A few days later, my poster showed up in the mail, and I’ve had it ever since.

It sounds so obvious, but the lesson behind it was one I learned at a young age. People like to be helpful and do nice things for other people. The woman on the phone was so happy to help out, and she probably knew she made my day.

Don’t think you have to do everything yourself, or that no one will help you. If you want something, or have goals, and make it known to others, you’d be surprised how often people will step up to help.