I recently saw David Byrne in concert, and before the show started, I was routinely accosted by people trying to get me to register to vote.

Later, in the middle of the show, he stopped to ask that we all vote.

An hour ago, I was looking at a friend’s Facebook page, and she was reminding everyone of the upcoming primary voting deadline and advocating we vote.

This whole “get out the vote” thing has always vexed me.

When you tell everyone to go vote, are you assuming they’re all going to vote the way you want? If not, why would you want people to vote if they’re going to vote against you?

My observation, from paying attention to this the past 20 years, is that it is mostly those with liberal beliefs that drive voter registration efforts. You don’t normally see conservatives aggressively trying to sign people up to vote.

Generally, people view the world from their lens and assume people see things they way they do. Assuming my observations are at all correct, are liberals more likely to assume people all think they way they do? (If so, it supports a theory I’m working on, that perhaps I’ll share in coming days.)

Seems to me there are too many people voting who don’t know much about what’s going on, how our system works, and what the people they’re voting for really want.

Me? I’d prefer all of you stayed home and just left it to me…